Analytical Engine

Quicklogix: The Intelligent Middleware between the Data & the User

Quicklogix, serves updiscovery and search, embedded with machine learning. The idea of this product is to provide cross platform search capabilities enabling users to discover information across sources.

Quicklogix, offers the additional intelligence for analytical processing. The outcome of our system is not just a graph of information (so called connected information) but also the aggregation of data points in a way that offers the users to see patterns/relationships that will allow business users to quickly gain insights. Using the system, data analysts can configure rankings, formula etc on the fly.

  • Virtualize the information related to the data using a proprietary intelligence model.
  • Deploy machine-learning algorithms to establish relationships sand create a knowledge graph of the data.
  • Provide non-technical users the ability to query, irrespective of the location of the data points referenced in the query or the processing intelligence required, in an automated fashion.

Unique Features

Multi-Dimensional Data Discovery

Creates a virtual data model on top of various sources

  • Augments statistics, trains data with identified relationship sand establishes relevancy of across various data points
  • Adds extensive language patterns to make the data more coherent/cohesive to natural language processing
  • Creates in-Memory Data Martsatthe time ofquery.

Adaptive learning process

  • Offer sability to manage there lationship sand data patterns specific to organization requirements
  • Ensure higher standard of Analytical data governance
  • Integrated and managed approach to data integrity, access management, data security and riskmanagement

Business Language Processing

  • Creates dat amart in memory to generate insights on the fly,through distributed querying, aggregation and computing process
  • Integrates natural language to suits your business analysis requirements top roduce insights with out having to write a single line of query
  • Transparency and detaile dexplanation to present the machine processing to ensure the information out come is more trust worthy
  • Automated and advanced visualization to reduce the total time for analysis

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