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Can intuition drive the enterprise?


"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind a faithful servant," Albert Einstein once said. "We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."

Can we, in enterprises unravel this gift? Can we find, that symbiosis of intuitive exploration and rational operation? Even in exemplars like Apple, strategic intuition is generally attributed to an individual 'Steve Jobs' rather than a systemic enterprise-wide property.

I believe, we can now bell this cat. Blink; Think Fast, Think Slow; Focus... are just a few among an ocean of literature and research that deconstruct the processes, that help define and hone our intuition. In essence, 'Intuition' is a store of our life's experiences that guide our involuntary thought process. Does such a thing exist for the enterprise? Is there a store of organizational experiences that we can draw upon at will? Can the organizational touch points across dimensions be related and interconnected? Can we institutionalize such a system?

Enterprises today are capturing unprecedented levels of data; data on transactions, interactions and intentions; across a variety of dimensions and all stakeholders. Right from every page visited on its website, to every stroke in a machine; a data point is generated. Its an interconnected world and data is everywhere. With the evolution of 'Big Data'' technologies its now possible not only to capture but also make sense of such varied and voluminous sets of data.

Simply put, we can dump all the data from all the sources into the enterprise 'Data Box'. Technology now exists to make sense of this amorphous information set; establish correlations and relationships and build the enterprise's intuition.

Our vision at Quicklogix is enabling the 'intuition' of the enterprise. Providing tools that help tap this intuition, build several orders of intelligence for better decision making on demand.

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