Da Vinci

Real-time, In-Memory Processing Engine for fast data driven decisions.

The ‘Da Vinci’ is the real-time processing module. It takes input from the Genie, queries the data, processes the results and delivers the results in real-time.

The QUICKLOGIX Unique Science makes Da Vinci much more than just a mash up of big data storage Its unique intelligence blends with statistical science to break and correlate information to bring out powerful insights.

Da Vinci is built to adjust itself to real world events that are unpredictable and dynamic. As an example, what may appear to be a strong correlation between two events during a month may not hold true over a year.

Da Vinci uses a combination of proprietary algorithms, reverse indexes and additional attributes to build a highly searchable, intelligent information repository to handle millions of combinations that can be used to predict business outcomes.

API for third party Integration

  • REST Oriented service architecture for building data pipelines and knowledge management
  • Web services to interact with Search and Natural language processing to enable easier integration with third party/Internal BI tools
  • Can run in Hybrid/Intranet or Cloud with Big data environment
  • Robust security that authenticates each request from the consumption layers
  • Resilient platform technology enables in-memory data aggregation in a rapidly changing data environments.
  • Offers Visual cues to the Consumption layer about

Built in Analytics

  • Out of the box Visualization modules
  • Widgets and ad-hoc knowledge sharing capabilities
  • Search result visualization is customizable by the users
  • Highly interactive drill-down on search results and can be customized by industry
  • Collaborative knowledge sharing allows users to share the insights quickly

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