Engineering Base +

Contextual Search & Analysis for users of Aucotec’s Engineering Base

Aucotec AG & Quicklogix, Inc. have partnered to give Engineering Base clients, un-hindered ability to Search and Query all their plant, machinery or project data to drive efficiencies and gain competitive advantage.

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), Quicklogix can interpret unstructured queries in common language. Thus even without expert knowledge, searches yield accurate and relevant results. Configurable algorithms access in a web-based manner either EB directly or the data layer of Quicklogix in which EB is embedded.

Agile Design

The result of questions like "buffer tanks with max design pressure of 20 bar for oil storage" or “show all transmission lines with X kV for customer Y" appears as a list within a few seconds. The list is sorted with the most relevant results are at the top. Users can navigate directly from the list to all project details in EB, from the P&ID via instrumentation and electrical engineering to maintenance history. Thus they immediately see whether the information is really appropriate and can copy it directly.

Key Highlights of the Solution include

  • Rapid Deployment of Genie-Search on Engineering Base
  • Navigate the data from any Dimension – Specs, Part nos. Oreven functional specs.
  • Search at any level of aggregation; Project, Drawings, Materials etc.
  • Set Roles and Permissions
  • Comparison & Drill-Down Features
  • Identify Similars of any item; Project, Drawings etc.

Aucotec and Quicklogix are committed constant innovation and providing to their customers the greatest value, through deep technical integration.

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