AI based query engine that understands language – human & technical.
Go beyond contextual search to ‘Analytical Reports in Context'.

Quicklogix Automates

Quicklogix Supplements


  • Query in English – Real-time
  • Template Based Query
  • Build Dashboards
  • Do Ad-Hoc Analysis
  • Query across multiple data sets
  • In-memory Virtual Data transformations
  • Define organization specific ontologies
  • Set Alerts and Triggers

  • A visualization engine, powered by an AI module automatically generates charts, tables and graphs based on the query being asked and the data being processed
  • Genie is an easy to use “Intelligent Analyst“that brings insights from petabytes of varied data for the enterprises.
  • Genie offers a simple “Google Type Interface” for everyone to ask questions, without having to worry about the underlying data complexities

  • Genie delivers “Meaningful Results” using “Artificial Intelligence” to “Analyze, Correlate and Suggest” relevant insights and “Save Time to Discover”
  • Genie combines the power of Natural Language Processing, Data Discovery Processes, Statistical Sciences and Big Data technology to generate the relevant output from a variety of data sources which cannot be easily queried or analyzed to generate meaningful information in a shorter time cycle
  • Genie analyzes the Objectives, Timelines, Filters and Correlations that exists inside the pile of data underneath it to generate a “Dynamic UI” to bring the “Snapshot and the details”.

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