Using Machine Learning & AI, Quicklogix learns from Historical Data
and generates tremendous efficiencies in working.

In Project Based Organizations (PBO), Data is rampant. Specifications, drawings, materials, functionality, quotations, and host of other details in a multitude of formats.

Users repeat the same activities without the benefit of information from the past.

Not anymore; Using a smart combination of Machine Learning and AI, Quicklogix learns from Historical Data and generates tremendous efficiencies in working; which in turn translates into Dollars, saved and earned.

The Quicklogix system is an intelligent platform that integrates various data formats and types and makes them easily queryable by a person with little or no technical knowledge.

Benefits by Role


Given a customer spec, Designers, would undertake a project design from scratch unless they had prior memory of a similar project. Now, with machine enabled project matching, the likelihood of using past designs are vastly increased. And close to 90% of the effort is saved if the design is located.

Sales / Pre-Sales

When a quote is requested, Pre-sales is dependent of a few key experts to spend time building the quote. Usually there is some amount of guesswork involved, since the volume of quotes required is high. Sometime projects are not even quoted for since the timelines available are very less. Now with machine aided bidding, the sales person can directly engage with the data to arrive at an accurate quote in most cases. This is expected to yield more accurate as well as innovative estimates in a rapid fashion; thereby increasing the Hit rate as well mitigating project risk.

Project Management Office

Quicklogix enables tremendous transparency in all aspects of the project. Be it, the technical details, the contracts, sales quotes, material costs or effort expended – everything is connected, query-able and comparable.

This gives the PMO, the ability to manage Project Risk in an Agile fashion, right from the Bid stage until Project Closure.

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