If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

Revolutionary companies are usually born from unique perspectives of leaders; Perspectives which are fuelled by intuition and scaffolded by data. Our passion lies in producing technology products that help harness this organizational experience and acheive success. As a team we are passionate about the selfless pursuit of this goal

Our team is an amalgam of the best minds with diverse skills; Deep technical knowhow, youthful exuberance and vast experience. We are proud of the products we create and the impact it has on our client's business and eventually in making the world a better place.

Ganesh Raghupathy

Chief Executive Officer

Ganesh is the CEO and co-founder of Quicklogix. He is an energetic entrepreneur with a chequered career in sales, marketing, technology and manufacturing. He was the Country Head in India for Edutech before starting up and heading thier USA operations. With the experience of working in multiple countries around the world, Ganesh brings a global perspective to the business and drives its global strategy. His core strength lies in identifying the ‘go-to’ market strategy for an idea and having the perseverance to execute on the plan. Prior to Quicklogix, Ganesh was the CEO of November Learning and Vice President at Edutech USA. Ganesh holds a Bachelors’ degree in Engineering and is a Post Graduate in Management. He's an avid cyclist and a certified Randonneur, yoga enthusiast and volunteers in several environmental and social initiatives.

Kannan Raghavan

Chief Information Officer

Kannan is the other co-founder and the solution architect of Quicklogix's product. He is a technocrat combined with background in Marketing Intelligence, Data analysis and Research. His current focus is in combining decisions sciences using NLP and Big Data technologies. He is versatile and nimble to interchange his role from being a technocrat to a strategist. His core strength is in large projects in business intelligence such as market segmentation, advanced text analytics and technology projects to deliver high value to clients such as Yahoo, Ogilvy, AARP, Ladbrokes, Sapient, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruises. He has led large scale development of products and solutions in his career and delivered them successfully. He is experienced in managing and retaining the organization’s talent in the most effective manner. He leads the technology team at QuickLogix in its endeavor to deliver a unique and differentiating solution. Kannan is a graduate of IIT Madras and holds MBA from Sloan School of Business at MIT.

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